Getting Started

Getting Started

Shoot for Success SAR Promotional Flyer:

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Start SAR in your School SAR Promotional Flyer (Missouri 2017 Promotion):

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Check out the map below for Missouri schools participating in SAR.

SAR Implementation Steps

Before implementing SAR, there are a number of steps to ensure the program is implemented in an efficient and sustainable manner. The steps below provide a general overview of the process.

1. Contact your state SAR coordinator, if there isn’t one, contact SAR directly to discuss options.

2. Gain permission from your school or organization (this includes permission using whatever process is used for decision making with your school/organization (principal, superintendent, school board, etc))

3. Tentatively determine where at your school/location the unit will be conducted to ensure SAR safety standards are met.

4. Sign up for a BARI course and complete the training requirements (8 hour course, passing of a 100 question exam with an 80% or better, completion of an MOU, etc.).

5. Order Equipment from SAR.

6. Prepare and test all equipment before using with students.

7. Complete the unit under the guidelines of the BARI training and provide reports and any information that may help improve SAR.

BARI Resources

Umarex Embark Air Rifle Operations Manual